Bionnaise Vegan Mayo

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An organic and plant-based mayonnaise, packed with superfoods and proteins such as ashwagandha and acerola. Made from oat milk, this delicious spread is a healthy mayo alternative with uncompromised flavor. Free of gluten, soy, eggs, lactose, refined sugars and preservatives. 

Packaged in a 4.8 oz. recylable tube.

Ingredients include: Sunflower oil, oat milk (water, oats), vinegar, pea protein, sea salt, black salt, ashwagandha, acerola, asafoetida, lemon juice concentrate, carrot juice concentrate, white pepper, turmeric

Created by HlthPunk, a condiment company specializing in sustainably crafted and plant-based sauces, with a focus on supporting wellness in society. A percentage of proceeds are donated to support the Biodynamic Demeter movement.

Bionnaise Vegan Mayo

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