Bryar Wolf Pillow

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A beautiful collection of handmade, luxury pillows with rich textures and unique designs. These decorative throw pillows are woven from the finest natural fibers and exquisite threads from around the world. Each pillow boasts a 233-thread count shell made from 100% premium cotton with a soft insert made of 10% down & 90% gray duck feathers. Available in size 22" x 22."

African Mud Cloth Collection includes Ema, Nina, Lug & Alpine

Each pillow features custom stitching and rich cotton fabric from Mali where the cotton is grown on small, local fair-trade farms. After harvest, the cotton is gathered, spun by hand and passed along to artisans who hand-dye and decorate the cloth with a mixture of fermented river mud and tree leaves. Next, symbols and patterns are painted on the cloth that embody cultural significance. Not only are these one of a kind pillows made directly from nature, they represent a piece of craftsmanship with a globally inspired story to treasure for years to come.

  • Pillow back made of natural and non-toxic linen
  • Dry cleaning recommended to prevent color fading


Hemp Textile Collection includes Daw, Nam

Hand sewn vintage pillows made from traditionally handwoven hemp, sourced directly from hill tribe communities in the Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai regions of Northern Thailand. The unique fabric is hand dyed using indigo plants and centuries old methods, featuring batik patterns that are applied by hand before the dye dipping process. The back of the pillow is made from natural canvas.

  • Pillow back made of natural canvas
  • Hand wash in cold water and hang dry or dry clean

Crafted by Bryar Wolf, an Oregon-based company that specializes in designer textiles and home goods. All products are responsibly and globally sourced, hand cut, hand sewn and authentic one of kind pieces.

Bryar Wolf Pillow

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