Clary Sage Hydrosol

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A clarifying hydrosol to tone the skin for a refreshed glow. This herbaceous spray is anti-inflammatory and works wonders on oily or acne prone skin. Clary sage also soothes hormone-related moodiness, calming and lifting spirits. Spray liberally throughout the day as desired. Organic, vegan and handmade in small batches.

For deeper absorption, we recommend pairing with the Floral Serum. Mix serum with several sprays of hydrosol between hands before massaging into damp skin.

Available in a 59 ml. glass bottle.

Created by Sun Sister, a Miami-based beauty line that crafts botanical and plant-dyed goods with intention and care. Each product is solar-infused and blessed with sacred smoke, while all herbs, flowers and raw ingredients are sourced directly from their garden and sustainable family farms.


Clary Sage Hydrosol

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