Damascus 2 Blade Ships Scrimshaw Knife

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A one of a kind scrimshaw knife featuring double damascus steel blades and a vintage antler handle. This stunning piece is handmade and coated in an archival wax finish. A handetched ship scene completes this nautical design. Makes for the perfect unique gift or cherished heirloom.

Scrimshaw is an ancient art of mariners from whaling days. 

Crafted by Linda Layden, a self-taught bladesmith who has worked professionally creating scrimshaw artwork for over 40 years. With a deep respect for history, Layden's influence is derived from American whalemen of the early 1800's who etched ivory during their long, monotonous voyages. Her traditional knives can be found in private collections, fine gift shops and galleries around the world. 

Damascus 2 Blade Ships Scrimshaw Knife

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