Out There 11" x 11"

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Doug Britt Original 2024

Acrylic on canvas

Measures 11" x 11"

Artist Biography

Local artist Doug Britt has been painting on the Hawaiian Islands since 1974. Britt graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with honors in 1979, returning to his paradise of inspiration in Kaua‘i shortly after. His fascination with living a creative life on a remote island subliminally finds its way into his abstract imagery. Doug’s paintings incorporate the travel icons of Hawai‘i and are riddled with undertones of playfulness and humor, always exploring the contradictions of island life. 

Outside of the painting studio, Britt enjoys constructing creative objects out of humble, discarded material found on Hawaiian beaches and thrift stores. The uniquely playful ships, planes, and floats he is known for are rooted in his boyhood life. Britt has become a reknowned artist and many collect his iconic paintings and sculptures.

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Out There 11" x 11"

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