Pastel Sapphire Lei (30-34")

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A stunning lei featuring a dreamy sequence of precious pastel sapphires. Feminine and sweet, each gem is placed along a nylon silk thread and secured with a solid gold J-clasp. This elegant piece can be worn long, doubled, or tripled around the neck or on the wrist. A versatile statement piece with an abundance of healing gems. 

Approximately 42-45" in length. 

Sapphire is a stone of prosperity known to bring serenity, joy and peace of mind. It is known to increase inner strength, improve self esteem and inspire spiritual exploration.

Crafted by Amalia Ruck, a fine gemstone jewelry artisan based on Kauai. Her collections feature exquisite gemstones, vibrant colors and tasteful designs.

Pastel Sapphire Lei (30-34")

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