The Lioness Oracle Tarot

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The Lioness Oracle is a regal 78 card deck imbued with healing and love. It contains the traditional cards of the Tarot, along with the Major Arcana, and the Minor Arcana of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Featuring hand-collaged artwork, each card reflects vivid colors and cosmic imagery, inviting you to expand your consciousness, open your third eye and manifest your dreams.

Packaged in a beautiful lidded box, each set comes with a ninety-four page guidebook offering divinatory meanings, Astrological correspondences and guidelines for cleansing the deck, centering/shielding and Numerology.

Cards measure 3.5" x 5," printed on thick 400gsm card stock with a glossy finish & antique gold edging. 

Crafted by Alejandra León, an independent tarot producer who curates her collage designs from LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC artists. León created her line of Indie Tarot to encourage personal and spiritual growth while supporting Queer, trans and BIPOC art.

The Lioness Oracle Tarot

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