Tohaku Takazawa Candle

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Box set of 6 Tohaku Takazawa candles. Designed with nature in mind, the thick refined shape is meant to reflect the rustic simplicity of the sturdy Pine tree. 

Each candle is handmade with plant-based materials such as sumac wax, rice bran and rapeseed flower oil. The wicks are carefully crafted by wrapping dried rushes around a cord of Japanese paper. This produces a hollow core that makes flames burn bigger and brighter, while emitting less soot and smoke.

Each candle measures 3” H x .6” with a burn time of 80 minutes.

Compatible with our Koma Candle Stand

Traditionally crafted by Takazawa Candles, one of the oldest candles makers based in Ishikawa, Japan.

Tohaku Takazawa Candle

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