Collagen Cream

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A balancing Ayurvedic Collagen Cream to nourish, heal and restore skin for lasting beauty. Blended with 46 healing botanicals, 13 nourishing oils and a proprietary blend of collagens and milks, including camel’s, for ultimate replenishment. Keshara Saffron tones and tightens, Boswellia Frankincense reduces fine lines and Rose Petals smooths and moisturizes. With a thick texture, this nutrient-rich cream penetrates deeply and acts as a natural skin peel, without the need to remove protective skin layers. Use as a rich night cream, or a bit in the morning, as well.

Crafted by Surya, an Ayurvedic spa and apothecary line designed to restore balance and health, revive our connection with nature and spirit, and makes wellness, vitality, and longevity available to everyone, everywhere.
Collagen Cream

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