Dragon Moon

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A fresh and bright fragrance inspired by the Dragon Moon. Featuring a blend of White Tea, Amber Blanc, and Spring Musk this invigorating scent is balanced, sophisticated and grounding. Perfect for your purse, boudoir or altar.

Under the light of the Dragon Moon, it is said that the old become younger, the ill find new health, the weary grow life, and sadness turns to joy.

Each bottle contains an array of Blood Jasper crystals. This beautiful jasper draws out the inner strength from deep within, cultivating courage and power.

Hand poured into a 1/2 oz. glass roll on bottle with a gold cap.

Phthalate free, paraben free, vegan and cruelty free.

Made by Olivine Atelier, a Seattle-based fragrance company specializing in handcrafted perfumes. 


Dragon Moon

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