Garden Scissors T1

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A pair of butterfly wing-shaped garden scissors featuring Japanese carbon steel. Practical and beautiful, these lightweight shears are perfect for pruning branches, arranging flowers and trimming houseplants. Each piece is hand forged, designed to give the strongest cut while requiring minimum strength. These unique shears come boxed with a protective blade sheath. 

To best care for your scissors, wipe clean and dry after use. Apply oil as needed for long term storage.

Also available in rose gold

Total Length: 7"

Crafted by Toyama Hamono, an award-winning shears manufacturer based in the town of Sanjo Niigata in Japan. Established in 1861, they have produced handmade secateurs and shears for almost 160 years. Using traditional Tatara and Hidehisa methods, Toyama Hamono applies the same techniques used when crafting Katana, or Japanese Swords, to ensure the finest cuts.

Garden Scissors T1

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