Hawaiian Salt

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A gourmet collection of all natural Hawaiian sea salts. Timeless and flavorful, these signature salts were inspired by Hawaiian traditions and cuisine.

Available in the following varieties:

White Coral: Traditional & classic - a mix of medium & fine-grained sea salt perfect for finishing any dish

Red Alaea: Blended with Red Alaea Clay - ideal for fish, pork & fresh vegetables 

Black Lava: Blended with acivated charcoal - pair with grilled meats, crusted fish & salads

Blush Alaea: Lightly blended with Red Alaea Clay - best compliments smoked dishes, fish & pork

Blush Lava: Blended with activated charcoal & Red Alaea Clay - gentle & mild with complex flavor 

Hot Black Lava: Blended with activated charcoal, organic cayenne pepper & chili flakes - pair with meat, poultry, fish, veggies

Kiawe: smoked with native kiawe wood - pair with meats, fish & vegetables for a natural salty, smoked flavor

Crafted by Pacifica Hawaii, a Molokai-based salt business specializing in gourmet sea salt products.

Hawaiian Salt

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