Moonstone Ali'i Mana (smooth)

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Designed for the noble at heart, the Ali'i Mana features iridescent Moonstone drops framed with solid 18K gold beads. Each polished gem is secured along a nylon silk thread with 18K gold chain and lobster clasp. This elegant piece makes a statement on it's own, but pairs beautifully with the 30mm Hammered Light Diamond Hoops.

Adjustable at 3 half inch intervals.

Moonstone is believed to bring love, wisdom, and good fortune. A special stone for new beginnings, it is known to inspire inner growth and strength.

Crafted by Amalia Ruck, a fine gemstone jewelry artisan based on Kauai. Her collections feature exquisite gemstones, vibrant colors and tasteful designs. 

Moonstone Ali'i Mana (smooth)

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