Riverside Composite Sheet Set

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A tie dyed sheet set featuring shades of pink, dark brown and indigo. Each set is unique, featuring a bold palette of low impact dyes. Includes everything you need for a matching set with two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. Hand dyed and made from a crisp cotton weave. Sweet dreams are made of these.

Machine washable. Imported.


Queen Dimensions: 

- Pillowcase: 20” L x 30” W

- Flat Sheet: 102” L x 90” W

- Fitted Sheet: 60” L x 80” W x 15” H


King Dimensions:

- Pillowcase: 20” L x 30” W

- Flat Sheet: 102” L x 108” W

- Fitted Sheet: 78” L x 80” W x 15” H


Crafted by Riverside Tool & Dye, a Philadelphia-based textile design studio known for their hand dyed and hand painted fabrics. All goods are created using small batch processes and traditional Japanese dyeing techniques.

Riverside Composite Sheet Set

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