S/N Black & Brass Incense Holder

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A luxury handcrafted incense holder made of solid brass with a black finish. Holds incense sticks comfortably with a catch-all base for falling ash. The brass will patina as it ages, exposing natural variations of shade and texture over time. With proper care and maintenance, this modern piece is designed to last for generations. 

S/N is a signature series of brassware, designed in the sleek, minimalist style of designer Taku Shinomoto. 

Dimensions: 4" x 1"

Crafted by Nousaku Inc., a Toyama-based company manufacturing brassware. Utilizing casting techniques handed down from generations, Nousaku was established in 1916 as a producer of Buddhist altar equipment, tea utensils, and vases. In recent years, the company has turned its focus to tableware, interior goods, and lighting fixtures to complement modern lifestyles.

S/N Black & Brass Incense Holder

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