Turquoise Rainbow Drop

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A vibrant rainbow drop necklace featuring a stunning Turquoise. Each precious gem is placed along a nylon silk thread and secured with a 14k gold-filled lobster clasp. The rainbow sequence includes Apatite, Amethyst, Ruby, Carnelian, Yellow Sapphire, and Emerald. 

Turquoise is a protection stone known to eliminate negative energies and bring a sense of tranquility. It is believed to be a tonic for the spirit, aligning all chakras and promoting balance.

Measures 17” in length.

Please note that each Rainbow Drop is unique, and the gem may vary slightly. 

Crafted by Amalia Ruck, a fine gemstone jewelry artisan based on Kauai. Her collections feature exquisite gemstones, vibrant colors and tasteful designs. 

Turquoise Rainbow Drop

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