Your Love Stars

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Struggling to find a love match on the dating apps? Or maybe you’ve met someone new and you’re wondering if it will stand the test of time? Possibly you’re a Capricorn living with a Cancer, which should mean you’re celestially compatible, but it doesn’t seem to be working. You might long for a quiet life, with as few ructions as possible, yet you may live with someone who really enjoys stirring things up and getting everyone’s attention. How do you cope with that? If you have a basic understanding of astrology, you know that the best matched signs are the same element – fire, earth, air and water. So how is it that you are following all the rules and still not getting it right? In Love Stars astrologer Jen Struthers explains that knowing someone’s sun sign is merely a fun start – if you are serious about finding your true love match, and improving all of your relationships with other people, you need to do a deep dive into your birth chart.

Sound scary? With Love Stars, Jane shows how easy it is, and will hand-hold you through the whole process. To get started, Jane introduces some essential astrological building blocks and reveals that understanding the roles of Venus and Mars in your birth chart will give you huge insights into how you relate to others, especially on a romantic level. Once you learn about your own style of loving and sexual expression, you’ll have a much better chance at finding true love. And, of course, you can read up on your partner’s Venus and Mars placings, too, to give you increased insight into what makes them tick in relationships. As you read this book you can expect to have a few ‘aha’ moments when areas of your partnerships that have always puzzled you are finally explained. This is especially true if you’ve only ever explored the meaning of your Sun or Moon sign but don’t know anything about the rest of your chart. You’ve embarked on a fascinating journey!

For many of us, life is pretty much all about our relationships, and love is a scary yet exciting thing. Love Stars is like being given a special key that can help to unlock the secrets of how to get along with the people, what we expect from them, and how to create a love that lasts.

Hardcover / 192 pages 

7.5" x 5.5"

Your Love Stars

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